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Beaker is a more powerful browser, for a more powerful Web.

We believe the Web is at its best when it empowers creation and encourages participation. That's why we're building a browser for a person-to-person Web.

Our mission

The Web enabled communication, collaboration, and creativity at a scale once unimaginable, but it's devolved into a landscape of isolated platforms that discourage customization and interoperability. The Web's value flows from the people who use it, yet our online experiences are dictated by corporations whose incentives rarely align with our own.

We believe the Web can (and must) be a people-first platform, where everybody is invited to create, personalize, and share.

That's why we're using peer-to-peer technology to improve how we create, share, and connect on the Web.

Why build a browser?

Browsers are the gateway to the Web! By building a browser with experimental features and capabilities, we have the flexibility to explore how the browser can help uphold the vision of an open Web. Take a tour


Paul released the Beaker prototype in August 2016 after participating in the inaugral Decentralized Web Summit, where he shopped his idea to integrate peer-to-peer protocols into a browser.

Tara made her first contribution in October 2016 and joined full-time in April 2017. As core developer of the Dat protocol, Mathias has always been a part of the Beaker community, but he officially joined the Beaker team in 2018.


Beaker is a project by Blue Link Labs, a team of developers who love the Web.

Paul Frazee

Creator of Beaker, long-time Node and Web programmer, and distributed systems enthusiast. Previously developer in the Secure Scuttlebutt community.

Tara Vancil

Peer-to-peer Web enthusiast. In charge of product, words, and websites. Formerly at Cloudfare and the Recurse Center.

Mathias Buus

Core developer of the Dat protocol and its underlying technology. Co-creator of and maintainer of over of 600 Node.js modules. Previously co-founder of, a peer-to-peer filesharing service.

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